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Maison Alhambra Kismet angel 3.4 oz

The fragrance formerly known as Kismet Angel has undergone a name change and is now called Kismet Magic, though its scent composition remains unchanged.

Its captivating introduction features an opulent blend of amber, enveloping the senses with warm, honeyed tones, delicately intertwined with a soft vanilla essence that balances between a luscious gourmand sweetness and subtle, dusty undertones.

Adding to its allure is a rich accord of indulgent cognac, infused with delicate notes of cocoa-tonka and caramel, complemented by the aromatic spice of cinnamon and the savory allure of roasted nuts, all enveloped in the decadent richness of melted dark chocolate.

Kismet Magic, crafted by Maison Alhambra perfumers and part of the Lattafa perfume house, draws inspiration from the essence of Angels' Share x French Montana by By Kilian.


UPC / EAN: 6291108736579